Carla McKrell | Piano Music for Weddings & Private Events
Carla McKrell plays piano music for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, parties, businesses and social events for counties in Western Pennsylvania into Ohio.
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Original Songs

Now’s the Time


An Original Single of Love & Hope Amid Suffering

This uplifting single about resilience and love, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, is a collaboration between talented pianist Carla Marie McKrell and award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Joseph James Vulpis. “Now’s the Time” is an encouraging melody of hope and mutual brotherhood, written during the global pandemic as a beacon of hope and but still relevant today to all who are discouraged or suffering. The central message of this song is to call people to use their gifts to bless others. “Now’s the Time” has been broadcast on well over 50 college/non-commercial radio stations across North America, and is available for purchase, with a portion of proceeds donated to charity.

In Carla’s Words…

“This song was written during the Covid Pandemic, as I felt that this was one of those periods of life where every person should seek to see how they could reach out to support those near and far in our world. But, though the periods of isolation have ended and life has seemed to resume as before, the issues of life, not just in our country but beyond our borders makes the words of this song just as relevant today, In collaboration with Joseph James Vulpis, an award winning singer-songwriter-composer, this song, with full band accompaniment, emphasizes ┬átruly caring for others using the blessings we have received.”

Other Original Songs by Carla McKrell

Carla Marie McKrell composes a growing selection of instrumental pieces available for commercial use. Click the button below for samples, or visit Soundcloud for her most popular compositions.

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